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Our Mission

At Hollander Lone Maxbauer, we focus on comprehensively building and managing your financial world so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Our mission is to leverage our expertise and experience to guide our clients, as fiduciaries, through their most complex financial decisions. We strive to simplify the lives and worries of our clients and help them achieve financial independence. We specialize in serving physicians and their practices, business owners & entrepreneurs, and investors wishing to coordinate more complex financial needs.  

Our Story

It all began in 1994 on Saturday mornings. 2,047 cups of coffee, 526 eggs over easy, and an endless supply of toasted bagels later, led to the merging of our separate and distinct financial services practices. Both of our practices had started in the early 1980s – Dan’s within the insurance industry;  Steve’s in retail investment advisory services. The driving force behind blending the practices was our vision of offering more – a team approach with focused specialists and consultative, long-term partnerships with clients.

The merger almost didn’t happen as our differences became more obvious. Steve, for example, is a tall man, while Dan has the privilege of enjoying much more leg room on flights. Steve is a regular Coke guy, while Dan opts for Diet Pepsi. And if that wasn’t enough, Steve was raised on a farm in the Upper Peninsula, while Dan grew up in one of Metro Detroit’s suburbs. Need I go on? Nevertheless, we’ve always worked together as compatible professionals who hold each other in high-esteem. And over the years, our differences in personality and skills have become one of our greatest assets, fueling our well-rounded perspective and approach.

Our Upper/ Lower Peninsula connection was even the inspiration for our logo – a bridge. And not just any bridge, it was a graphic image of the Mackinac bridge. The parallel to our business is this — whether due to stock market volatility, a change in your personal situation, or revisions to tax law, we remain nimble and adapt purposefully to changing circumstances and outside forces. This is what dynamic and comprehensive planning is all about.  

Over two decades later, we’ve updated the bridge, but our values are steadfast, and Hollander Lone Maxbauer has become a premier financial services firm. We’ve continued to grow and have selectively built a team of advisors and specialists to help coordinate even your most complex financial needs. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, still love what we do and the impact we have, and enjoy working with our clients more than ever. We hope you too consider becoming part of the Hollander Lone Maxbauer family – we’d love to get to know you.

Our Practice Values

It All Starts with You

It is our dynamic relationship together that allows us to give you the best advice. We want to make an impact in your life – not just your portfolio. That starts with knowing you –  developing a partnership, and building a plan together.

If you’re looking for a wise & honest sounding board, guidance that challenges you in all areas of your financial life, and advisors that care about your financial well-being as much as family…you’ve found us. 


We create a financial plan that evolves with your changing life and goals.


We collaborate with your professional network – your CPA, Attorney, and Risk Advisors to create seamless plan execution that helps you pursue your financial goals.


We listen and provide feedback and guidance – a financial plan is about you! We want to be partners in your financial future.


We’re fiduciaries – we take this very seriously and act in your best interests, with honesty and integrity.


When it comes to planning your financial future, there’s no greater value to have on your side than experience. We’ve traveled many paths over the decades and can help navigate yours.


We consider the big picture and all the puzzle pieces to help you make decisions that align with your needs today and for the future. 


No two people or two plans are the same. We customize your plan and investments based on your goals, values, and risk tolerance.


Our advisors are seasoned and always growing in their skills and knowledge. Plus, our process is collaborative, incorporating skilled planners across different disciplines to address all of your unique planning needs.

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