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Google Antitrust Lawsuits Explained

Google is facing a legal case that can change the online advertising marketing industry. It’s alleged that Google has monopolistic power in online advertising. The DOJ claims Google uses an anti-competitive strategy that makes it harder for thousands of businesses to grow. This isn’t the U.S. government’s first attempt to take on a giant corporation. … Read more

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In Health Care

Artificial intelligence will change the health care system soon. According to a grand view research study global artificial intelligence in health care market was at 15.4 billion last year. The study points out that the market for AI is supposed to grow at rate of 37.5 percent to 188 billion dollars. This industry will have … Read more

physician burnout

Physician Burnout

Work-related stress is an issue that doesn’t affect just one industry. Some of the most high-paying jobs in the country can’t escape the issue of burnout. Specifically, physicians across the country have faced increased levels of burnout since the beginning of the pandemic. Last year 53 percent of physicians reported burnout according to a Medscape … Read more

Healthcare 2023 Review

Healthcare 2023 Review

With the new year approaching, it’s good to know where the landscape of the U.S. healthcare system is in 2023.  The influx of hedge funds purchasing hospitals left and right is changing the primary care structure. For example, the employment of physicians has increased by 19% over the last 3 years. Some argue the reasons … Read more