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Income Tax Key Numbers

Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) are distributions made directly from an IRA to a qualified charity. Such distributions may be excluded from income and count toward satisfying any required minimum distributions (RMDs) you would otherwise have to receive from your IRA. Individuals age 70½ and older can make QCDs up to $105,000 (in 2024, $100,000 in … Read more

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3 Essential Steps for Retirement Planning

Everyone does retirement their own way, depending on how long you’ve worked, how long you plan to work, and what your goals are for after you’ve waved goodbye to the daily grind. No matter your career or lifestyle, essential steps for retirement planning are consistent across the board and keeping these in mind with help … Read more

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Charitable Gifting

What constitutes a gift to charity? A gift to charity is simply a gratuitous transfer of property to a charitable organization. The key is that your gift must be some kind of property–your time or personal services do not count. There are several different types of property that can be donated to charity, and a … Read more

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4 Details to Know About Living Trusts

Estate planning can be as complex or simple as a person wants. When you hold significant financial assets, it’s essential to outline your wishes clearly in your will. Establishing a living trust, also known as a revocable trust, and funding it with specific assets makes it easier to hold and protect these assets during your … Read more

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Financial Planning for Major Life Changes

Everyone experiences major life changes. Some are planned, others are a surprise, but no matter what happens and when, these large shifts can absolutely alter your financial present and future. Financial planning with a dedicated financial advisor ensures that you are ready to handle change as it comes your way and still maintain financial security. … Read more

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust can be a great way for an individual to leverage his or her generosity, producing tax savings that can be used to provide greater benefits to both the individual’s favorite charity and his or her own family. The tax savings are generated because of the way donation values are calculated and … Read more