10 Terms to Improve Your Financial Literacy

There is plenty to learn and understand in the financial world when it comes to managing personal wealth. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Working with an experienced financial advisor is always recommended, but it helps to have a foundation of terminology, so you are clear on the best ways to handle your funds. Here are just 10 financial literacy terms to familiarize yourself with.

529 Plan

  • Savings plan for future education costs
  • Earn tax advantages by paying for qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary
  • Anyone can open and fund a 529 – parents, grandparents, relatives, friends


  • Debt security for governments or corporations that want to raise money
  • Issued to raise money from investors and give the issuer a loan
  • Earn value of the loan by a specific date and earn interest along the way


  • Keep track of the money you have and where it goes
  • Track fixed and variable costs, cash flow, one-time expenses, and profit
  • Use to manage personal finances, business costs, or household expenses

Credit Score

  • The rating of a person’s creditworthiness
  • A three-digit FICO number that ranges from 300 to 850, the higher the better
  • Identifies the risk of lending a person money based on credit history, spending, and payments

Disability Insurance

  • Replaces lost income for anyone unable to work because of accident or illness
  • Can be short-term or long-term
  • Helps to pay for household expenses, childcare, and healthcare


  • The legal agreement between a borrower and lender for a purchase of property
  • Gives the lender the right to take the borrower’s property if the loan is not repaid with interest
  • Payments are made up of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance



  • A small or large share of ownership in a company
  • Also known as equity that comes in units of stock called shares
  • Stock owners are entitled to a portion of the company’s profits and assets equal to the amount of stock owned


  • Includes income, estate, gift, sales, payroll, property taxes, and more
  • Charged at the federal or state levels or both
  • Selling a taxable asset that increased in value since purchase is subject to tax

Will and Trust

  • Management of a person’s assets and estate according to their wishes after their death
  • Names child guardians, estate executor, and states final wishes
  • An alternative to a will is to choose a trust for the management and distribution of assets in life or after death

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