Get Your Umbrella

Though you may never face a suit in your life, we all have to admit that we live in an increasingly litigious world. Even that neighbor you always got along with could see an opportunity in an unfortunate event. The wealthier you become, the more asset protection matters. This can be of particular importance for physicians and business owners who face more unique liabilities in their careers. Umbrella policies can cover liability exposure above and beyond your auto and homeowner’s insurance policies’ coverage.

For many, it can offer additional value. It could only cost you a couple hundred dollars a year to increase your coverage into the millions, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Plus, many carriers offer discounts for multiple policies – check with your auto and homeowners insurance carriers to see.1 

If you own rental property, a business, or private practice – speak with a trusted attorney to see if creating an LLC, S-Corp, or PC is beneficial if you don’t have one already. This can help shield personal assets from claims against you professionally.2

Even if you’re not in the millionaires club – there may be reasons to consider both general and professional liability coverage to limit your exposure.

  • If you entertain frequently and serve your guests alcohol
  • If you operate a business out of your home
  • If you employ uninsured workers on your property
  • If you drive a lot or have teenage drivers
  • If you have a dog
  • If you own recreational vehicles – jet skis, four wheelers, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles
  • If you live in a manner that gives the appearance of wealth
  • If you have a pool or trampoline
  • If you have children


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