National Family Caregivers Month: Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for the caregiver
Steven A. Lone

November is a month to celebrate the sacrifice that many caregivers make to take care of loved ones during the most challenging periods of their lives. Being a caregiver sometimes leads to stress, over-exhaustion, and burn-out. So, for this National Family Caregivers Month, why not support your family caregiver with the few simple suggestions listed below?

Lend an Attentive Ear

Caregivers often are given advice from family members, doctors, and even strangers, but what they may need most is someone to listen to them. The stress of their job may be getting to them, and having an outlet to vent their frustration is likely just what they need. Take the time to talk to them and actively listen to what they have to say without being tempted to offer advice.

Offer Them Some of Your Time

Even if you take one of their duties off their hands, it may help to give them the break they need to regroup. Consider running some of their errands, doing the grocery shopping, bringing over dinner, or visiting with your infirmed family member so that they may have a little time to themselves.

Take Them Out

Whether it is shopping, lunch, or a nice dinner, everyone needs time to relax and enjoy life. Help a caregiver out by arranging respite care for the person they care for and inviting them out on the town. Take care of the arrangements yourself to make it truly special. Remember, the caregiver must make decisions and juggle things all day. Sometimes, just being able to take a mental break and enjoy themselves is all they need to recharge.

Make Sure They Are Always Included

When you have a caregiver in the family, there are many times that they are unable to accept invitations to events or family gatherings. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be invited. All too often, caregivers feel pushed to the side and insignificant since they may not be as involved in as many of the family’s goings-on as others. While you should accept that they may likely have to decline unless they secure other help, it may go a long way to making them feel included with a simple invitation.

Celebrate this National Family Caregivers Month by letting the caregiver in your family know how much you appreciate them by supporting them with the few ideas above.

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