Tis the Season – Income Tax Key Numbers 2018

Tis the season! It’s time to start looking at tax planning numbers in preparation for end-of-year and the coming tax season. This snapshot list includes just key income tax planning numbers.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)20172018
Maximum AMT exemption amount$84,500 (MFJ), $54,300 (Single/ HOH), $42,250 (MFS)$109,400 (MFJ), $70,300 (Single/HOH), $54,700 (MFS)
Exemption phaseout threshold$160,900 (MFJ), $120,700 (Single/HOH), $80,450 (MFS)$1,000,000 (MFJ) $500,000 (Single/HOH/MFS)
26% rate applies to AMT income (AMTI) at or below this amount (28% rate applies to AMTI above this amount)$187,800 (MFJ/Single/HOH), $93,900 (MFS)$191,100 (MFJ/Single/HOH), $95,550 (MFS)
Exemptions/Itemized Deductions20172018
Personal & dependency exemptions$4,050No personal exemption
Phaseout threshold for exemptions and itemized deductions$313,800 (MFJ), $287,650 (HOH), $261,500 (Single), $156,900 (MFS)Phaseout does not apply
Standard Deduction20172018
Standard deduction amount$12,700 (MFJ), $9,350 (HOH), $6,350 (Single), $6,350 (MFS)$24,000 (MFJ), $18,000 (HOH), $12,000 (Single),$12,000 (MFS)
Standard deduction for dependentGreater of $1,050 OR$350 + earned incomeGreater of $1,050 OR$350 + earned income
Additional deduction for aged/blind$1,550 (Single/HOH),$1,250 (MFJ/MFS)$1,600 (Single/HOH),$1,300 (MFJ/MFS)
Top Tax Brackets20172018
Single39.6% of taxable income exceeding $418,400 + $121,505.2537% of taxable income exceeding $500,000 + $150,689.50
MFJ (Married, Filing Jointly)39.6% of taxable income exceeding $470,700 + $131,62837% of taxable income exceeding $600,000 + $161,379
MFS (Married, Filing Separately)39.6% of taxable income exceeding $235,350 + $65,81437% of taxable income exceeding $300,000 + $80,689.50
HOH (Head of Household)39.6% of taxable income exceeding $444,550 + $126,95037% of taxable income exceeding $500,000 + $149,298
Top Capital Gain Tax Rate (20%) Thresholds20172018
Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax (Net Investment Income Tax)20172018
Amount of tax3.80%3.80%
Applies to less of (a) net investment income or (b) modified adjusted gross income exceeding:  
Married filing jointly$250,000$250,000
Married filing separately$125,000$125,000
Standard Mileage Rates20172018
Use of auto for business purposes (cents per mile)$0.535$0.545
Uses of auto for medical purposes (cents per mile)$0.17$0.18
Use of auto for moving purposes(cents per mile)$0.17$0.18
Use of auto for charitable purposes (cents per mile)$0.14$0.14

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